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Smith, Dare-Devil. Dare-Devil Smith was created by F.E. Baily (Dick Hawksly) and appeared in the story serial “Dare-Devil Smith” (Pearson’s (U.K.), Dec. 1912-Aug. 1913).

Lieutenant Cecil Grant of His Majesty’s Navy is forced, against his will, to desert the service, turning him into an outcast distrusted by all who knew him. (Except for Barbara Carey, his fiancee). Grant becomes “Dare-Devil” John Smith, a gloomy, sombre wanderer and mercenary with no past and no future who hires his guns and military talent out to whoever will pay him. His only friend is his former servant, Sergeant Major Creed, late of the 5th Westmoreland Fusiliers. (It all works out well for everyone in the end, though).

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