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Smith, “Cinnamon.” “Cinnamon” Smith was created by Reginald C. Barker (Grizzly Gallagher, Jim Hazel) and appeared in six stories in North-West Stories and Complete Stories in 1928 and 1929, beginning with “Cinnamon Smith” (North-West Stories, Dec. 8, 1928).

“Cinnamon” Smith is an aging trapper and fur-catcher in the Salmon River Mountains of central Idaho, sometime after the Civil War. He is friendly enough, in a frontiersman way, but he’s nobody’s fool, and he once killed a man with only his hands, which are huge. Smith’s only friend is his burro, Milly, who speaks to him “in mule language: ‘Haw, Cinnamon. Hee Haw!’”

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