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Smith, Sonora. Sonora Smith was created by “James Lawson,” the pseudonym of James P. Olsen (Satan SavageSilver Buck), and appeared in three stories in Romantic Western in 1938, beginning with “Hell’s Homesteader” (Romantic Western, Mar. 1938).

“Everybody was cussing Sonora Smith! The women cussed him because he attracted them, mocked them, angered them–and didn’t seem to give a damn for them. The men damned him because he seemed now on one side, then not on any, and remained a mystery who took good care of himself.” He is a wandering cowboy do-gooder, “a tall, to-the-thin-side figure” with a bay gelding, Cactus. Smith’s blue eyes can be “lazily mild, and then alarmingly, suddenly chill.”

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