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Smith, Henry (I). Henry Smith (I) was created by J. Allan Dunn (Ace AinsworthBoru, Griffin, Bud Jones, Peter Prime, Sleepy Sloane, John Strong, Whistlin' Kid) and appeared in three stories in Detective Action Stories in 1931 and 1932, beginning with “The Face of Danger” (Detective Action Stories, Nov. 1931).

Henry Smith (I) is a Great Detective. Smith resigned from the Manhattan Police Department to form his own agency, from which he solves cases in exchange for higher-than-usual fees and customers who will put up with his lofty and long-winded explanations. Smith hunts criminals “in the sheer spirit of sportsmanship. It was not a blind recklessness that sent him into action, but a calculating courage.” He is a “drab, ordinary-appearing man” with twinkling hazel eyes and gold-filled teeth. (He lost his front teeth in a car accident).

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