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Smith, Dynamite. Dynamite Smith was created by Robert Ormond Case (Lonesome McQuirk, Ravenhill) and appeared in six stories in Western Story Magazine from 1925 to 1930, beginning with “Dynamite - Handle With Care” (Western Story Magazine, Sept. 13, 1925).

In Gilliam County, just south of Lonesome McQuirk’s Wasco County, Sam “Dynamite” Smith is the newest cowpuncher with the McTavish Ranch. Smith is only nineteen, but he learns his job quickly and is successful through good luck or ignorance. He has a lethargic appearance and is very large and very strong. He’s called “dynamite” because of his temper and his recklessness–he is continually driven to prove himself to the more experienced hands on the ranch. He is given to wearing purple chaps.

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