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Sloane, Sleepy. Sleepy Sloane was created by “Emery Jackson and John B. Strong,” two pseudonyms used in this case by J. Allan Dunn (Ace AinsworthBoru, Griffin, Bud Jones, Peter Prime, Henry Smith (I), John Strong, Whistlin' Kid), and appeared in eleven stories in Wild West Weekly in 1940 and 1941, beginning with “Pard for a Ranger” (Wild West Weekly, Oct. 12, 1940).

Sleepy Sloane is a Texas Ranger, of Company F along the Rio Grande south of El Paso, who goes undercover to catch fugitives from justice. He is a “master of disguise” who always changes his persona to fit the outlaw he is pursuing. His friends in the Rangers dubbed him Sleepy “in friendly jest, knowing that nobody could be wider awake upon occasion. Those sleepy eyes under lazy lids were as deceptive as his slumped posed. Sloane was all Ranger, hard-boiled and tough.” He initially goes after the Whistlin’ Kid but discovers that the Kid is innocent and lets him be.

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