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Slats. Slats was created by Al Capp and appeared in the comic strip “Abbie An’ Slats” (1937-1971).

Aubrey Eustace “Slats” Scrapple is a tough street kid from the east side of New York City. He is taken in by his spinster aunts Abbie and Sally, who live in the small town of Crabtree Corners, and their love–tough on the part of Abbie, tender on the part of Sally–help reform him. He becomes a boxer, and an accomplished one, and eventually wins the love of the lovely young Becky Groggins as well as the enmity of the ruthless capitalist Jasper Hagstone. Eventually Slats began traveling abroad, usually pursuing or being pursued by John Pierpont Groggins, Becky’s father, who is a ne’er-do-well and con-man whose schemes take place around the world.

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