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Slade, Walt. Walt Slade was created by “Bradford Scott,” the pseudonym of A. Leslie Scott (Jim Hatfield), and appeared in sixty-eight stories in Thrilling Western from at 1940 to 1951, beginning with “Texas Ranger Vengeance” (Thrilling Western, May 1940).

Walt Slade is the “top undercover ace” of the Texas Rangers, working directly under Jim McNelty, Commander of the Border Battalion of the Rangers. Slade is a college graduate and is tall, muscular, and deeply tanned, and he joined the Rangers not for the pay but for the love of justice. Toward that end he often pretends to be the Mexican killer “’El Halcon’…of dubious reputation.” Slade finds this persona useful because it is often easier to get information that way. Slade usually wears bibless overalls and a blue shirt, and he carries a long-range Winchester built to his own specifications. His best friend is Estevan, a Yaqui-Mexican knife fighter.

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