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Skyroads, Inc. Skyroads, Inc. was created by Lt. Lester J. Maitland and Dick Calkins (Buck Rogers) and appeared in the comic strip “Skyroads” (1929-1942).

Skyroads, Inc. begins as a one-plane airline run by the teenaged pilots Ace Ames and Buster Evans. They are soon joined by Peggy Mills, who is their age and as good a pilot. (She calls herself an "aviatrix"). Mills’ father is a tycoon who offers to fund the trio's flight to the Amazon in the interests of science. This begins the trio’s more fantastic adventures: they fight air pirates, like the “Black Vulture,” and discover Lost Races and lost cities.

In 1933 the trio were replaced with a succession of more standard adventure heroes. The longest-running and last of these was Clipper Williams, who in 1939 assembled a group of schoolboys in Corinth, Mississippi and made them into the Flyin' Legion, to combat the German saboteur the Flying Ghost.

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