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Sky Wolf. Sky Wolf was created by Harold F. Cruickshank (Canuck Cavalry, Bill Dawe, Keko, Red Eagle, White Phantom) and appeared in twenty-six stories in Dare-Devil Aces, G-8 and His Battle Birds, and Battle Aces from 1931 to 1943, beginning with “The Sky Wolf’s Brood” (Battle Aces, Jan. 1931).

Bill Kennedy is the “Sky Wolf,” a disguised American air ace fighting the Germans during World War One. He leads the “Wolves,” a.k.a. “Brood,” a group of American aviators, who include Red Kelly (Kennedy’s deputy leader), Pat Maguire, and the “Sky-bustin’ Doc, Captain Franks.” They all fly planes with a white wolf’s head emblem on the side.

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