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Siringo, Len. Len Siringo was created by W. Ryerson Johnson (Guncat Bodman, Shooting Gallery Kid) and appeared in thirteen stories in Star Western from 1939 to 1942, beginning with “Len Siringo–Gunsmoke Grave-Digger” (Star Western, Oct. 1939).

Len Siringo is a Killer Vigilante. He is “Freedom’s gunhawk,” a ruthless avenger and “free-lance lawman” who hates “gun-rule and injustice worse’n sidewinders” and sometimes works for the Cattleman’s Association. But the truth is that he is seldom seen, works in secret, and is summoned for help only when things are at their worst. He arrives undercover and only reveals himself when it is necessary to do so. He looks awkward, is a “long lank passel of bones,” and has a homely mouth and a thin face.

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