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Sinnat, Bugs. Bugs Sinnat was created by S.B.H. Hurst and appeared in nine stories in Wide World Adventures, Oriental Stories, and Illustrated Adventure Trails from 1929 to 1932, beginning with “Snake-Man and Wizard” (Wide World Adventures, Oct 1929).

Bugs Sinnat is an Afghani Fighter. Sinnat is the “most remarkable of India’s secret service men—Sinnat, 006, known among his intimates as ‘Bugs.’” He is fluent in various languages, including Hindustani and Arabic, and has lived among the Muslims in India as a Muslim in order to stop any “jehad [sic] troublesome and perhaps dangerous to British rule in India.” Another of his guises is the loudmouth storyteller Ben Mohamet, supposedly an Afghan of the Durani Clan. Sinnat is active in India, Afghanistan, the Northwest Frontier, and even in Arabia, fighting a would-be Mahdi. Sinnat duels with Russian spies, finds the tomb of Alexander the Great, and has other, similar adventures.

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