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Singh, Hari. Hari Singh was created by the Indian creator Bapurao Apte and appeared in the film Jadoo Nagri (1940).

Hari Singh is a brave Rajput who rescues Princess Chandravati from a band of dacoits. The King offers Singh a reward, which Singh agrees to in the form of the Princess as his bride. The offended King orders that Singh be executed. The Princess pleads for Singh, and the King relents, but requires Singh to travel to the Magic City and bring back the Bolti Maina, a human-tongued bird. Adventures ensue: the de-petrification of a statue in the desert, the acquisition of a magic ring, battle with an army of demons, Singh getting his head chopped off, the Princess being forced to become part of the harem of an enemy king, and Singh returning from death to save the day. 

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