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Singh, Virendra. Virendra Singh was created by the Indian author Devak Nandan Khatri and appeared in Candrakanta (1909); Virendra Singh’s children and grandchildren appeared in a number of novels from 1910 to 1913.

Virendra Singh is the noble prince of the kingdom of Naugarh, in India centuries ago. Naugarh’s enemy is Vijaygarh. The evil vizier of Vijaygarh schemes to win Candrakāntā, the beautiful princess of Vijaygarh, in marriage, but fails and has to flee Vijaygarh, setting in motion conflict between Naugarh, Vijaygarh, and the country of Chunargarh, the kidnapping of Candrakanta, and the eventual triumph and marriage of Singh and Candrakanta. Singh is assisted in his travails by his ayyars, or spies, who are masters of disguise and who carry a variety of drugs and gadgets in their utility belts.

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