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Singapore Sammy. Singapore Sammy was created by George F. Worts (Dr. Dill, Gillian Hazeltine, Peter the Brazen) and appeared in a dozen stories and story serials and a novel from 1930 to 1943, beginning with “The Blue Fire Pearl” (Short Stories, Mar. 10, 1930).

Singapore Sammy is a South Seas Adventurer. He is a big red-head, “American born but at present citizen of the world,” and he is in the South Pacific in search of his father, who abandoned Sammy’s mother when Sammy was two and took all of his mother’s money. Sammy has trailed his father for seven years, since Sammy turned seventeen: “I’ve followed him from Peking to Rangoon, and from Ceylon to Rarotonga.” Sammy intends to kill his father, but his father is too clever for Sammy and continues to elude him. Sammy’s real name is Samuel Larkin Shay, and although he calls himself “T.T.T.,” for “typical tropical tramp,” he has enough money to own his own boat, the Laughing Lady (later the Blue Goose). Around his neck he wears, on a copper wire, the most beautiful blue fire-pearl in the Far East, which he won in a death-match in “Malobar.” Sammy is the type of man who usually calls a woman “sister;” he is “as hard as iron and as wise as sin.” His best friend and sidekick is Lucifer “Lucky” Jones. Among Sammy’s enemies are various Yellow Peril tongs.

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