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Siloch, John. John Siloch was created by the Italian author Antonio G. Quattrini and appeared in John Siloch, il Più Grande Poliziotto del Mondo #1-19 (1909).

John Siloch is a Great Detective. He is an amateur detective modeled on Sherlock Holmes. Siloch, the “Sherlock Holmes of Italy,” has Holmes’ acumen and intuition, but Siloch has a beard, long hair, and the features of a southern Italian. “Siloch” is in reality Claudio Trinchettina, a Sicilian writer for the Carriere del Mattino, who began work solving crimes “at least ten years” before Holmes, who is killed in John Siloch #12, “The Assassination of Sherloch [sic] Holmes.” Siloch is Watsoned by Commissioner William Clark, and fights the Lupin Ruder-Ox and the Yellow Peril Fun-Kiau, among others.

Siloch appears in stories with titles like “The Field of Dead Women,” “The Ghost Train,” “The Invisible Man,” and “The Murder of Sherlock Holmes.”

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