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Sigurdson. Sigurdson was created by H. de Vere Stacpoole (Mynheer Amayat, Captain Blood (II), Lavenne, Dick Lestrange, Man in Grey (I), Jacques Radoub, Captain Slocum) and appeared in “A Man of Iron” (The Popular Magazine, Mar 20-July 7, 1920).

Sigurdson is a South Seas Adventurer. Sigurdson is a young Dane who makes his way to the South Pacific island of Motuaro. Sigurdson, who looks like a Viking, wants to marry and become a trader. Unfortunately, he’s sentimental, and a local swindler cleans him out. Unfortunately for the swindler, Sigurdson figures out what was done to him before the swindler can escape, and Sigurdson throws the swindler off a cliff. This makes him a Wanted Man, and he flees Rotuaro and falls into a series of South Pacific adventures, fighting desperate natives and white men and the elements.

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