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Signorina. The Signorina was created by Ian Grosvenor and appeared in the serials "The Signorina" (The Red Magazine, June 1-Aug 15, 1911) and "The Wolf of the Hills" (The Red Magazine, Jan 1-Feb 15, 1913). 

Elena, “the Signorina,” is a beautiful, teenaged leader of the banditti in the mountains of Sicily. Perhaps because of her innate temperament or because of the requirements of a female gang leader, she is particularly ferocious and shows no fear of death, blithely standing down a bloodthirsty mob while armed only with a revolver. As Borlas, her hunchback, says, “Elena the Leader can be stern, remorseless in the righting of a wrong, in the succouring of a stricken soul.” Love is her one weakness, however, and when she falls in love with Carstairs, an English traveler, she forsakes Sicily and moves with him to England. She misses Sicily too much, however, and returns home and resumes preying on travelers and righting wrongs.

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