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Sign of the Crimson Dagger. The Sign of the Crimson Dagger appeared in a number of stories in Bullseye in 1931, beginning with “A Dangerous Brotherhood!” (Bullseye, Jan. 24, 1931).

The Sign of the Crimson Dagger is a crime-fighting secret society.

This mysterious secret society, known throughout the British Empire, has every reason to be proud of its wonderful achievements. It has brought happiness and comfort to many a troubled soul. None is ever refused immediate help who is genuinely in need. Many a despairing outcast has lived to bless the sign of the crimson dagger. But there are those who tremble at the whisper of its name. these are the oppressors of he weak, the sweaters of the poor, the swindler, the profiteer, and the offenders against the laws of humanity.

The Dagger fights not just criminals but anarchists and Yellow Perils.

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