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Shone, Radford. Radford Shone was created by “Headon Hill,” the pseudonym of Francis Grainger (Sebastian Zambra), and appeared in twelve stories which were collected in Radford Shone (1908).

Radford Shone is a Great Detective Lupin. He is an English consulting detective who has modeled himself on Sherlock Holmes. He is the

much-talked-of solver of mysteries...who, from his bachelor rooms in Gower Street, reconciled dukes and duchesses over missing tiaras, used bloodhounds in the wilds of Devon for tracking murderers, and had his fingers on the secrets of kings and queens–always with such tactful finesse that justice was done without a policeman having to tighten his belt or a judge to don his wig.

He dresses like Holmes, is tall, lean, and abrupt (although he has “goggling,” “protuberant” eyes), and has a brother, Myland Shone. However, Shone’s Watson eventually discovers that Shone is a crook and reveals him as such, driving Shone from England.

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