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Shevlin, Tate. Tate Shevlin was created by Robert Leslie Bellem (Little Jack Horner, Duke Pizzatello, Nick Ransom, Dan Turner, Dr. Zarkov) and appeared in three stories in Spicy-Adventure Stories in 1934 and 1935, beginning with “The Claws of the Dragon” (Spicy-Adventure Stories, Nov. 1934).

Tate Shevlin is a wandering American soldier of fortune and adventurer who seeks wealth and romance in the Far East. He finds romance in the delectable person of the Golden Girl, the beautiful agent of Chen Tsing Gat, a revolutionary who plans to overthrow the corrupt government of Linchow Province. The Golden Girl hires Shevlin to gather “five famous jewels of fabulous value called the Claws of the Dragon,” which Chen intends to sell in order to fund the revolution. After various adventures and fights against the agents of the Yellow Peril Wu Shang, Shevlin gets the Claws to Chen and leaves for America with the Golden Girl.

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