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Sherwood. Sherwood was created by the Brazilian author Diomedes de Pereyra and appeared in “A Land of Mystery” (Golden Book, Feb-June 1928) and “Sun Gold” (Golden Book, July-Dec? 1928).

Sherwood and his partner Alba are a pair of mining engineers who are in Brazil working for a corporation. The local natives have been selling gold, and Von Adler, the corporation official in the country, is curious about where the gold is coming from–he has a general idea, but tells Sherwood and Alba that he is too old to go himself. Sherwood and Alba soon figure out that Von Adler is letting them do the hard work and get the gold, after which time he will kill them and take the gold for himself. Despite disease, insects, and a treacherous guide, Sherwood and Alba hack through the jungle and eventually discover Vilca-Suyu, a land where Lost Race Incas still survive and prosper. The Incas treat Sherwood and Alba in a friendly fashion, and the pair become friends with the king. Sherwood ends up marrying the king’s sister, Ima-Suma, and Sherwood and Alba decide to keep the land a secret. Sherwood stays in Vilca-Suyu, and Alba returns to kill von Adler, who, Alba discovers, killed Alba’s father years ago.

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