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Shayne, Michael. Michael Shayne was created by "Brett Halliday," the pseudonym of Davis Dresser (Jerry Burke (II), Twister Malone, Pat Stevens), and appeared in seventy-one novels, ten movies, and an eponymous radio show from 1939 to 1976, beginning with Dividend on Death.

Michael Shayne is a private detective who works out of Miami. He is a tough, two-fisted, hard-drinking (cognac only, though) red-headed Irishman who has no given background. He is smart, though self-educated, and relies on detecting (rather than deduction) to find clues. He has a logical and systematic approach, even a meticulous one, and never makes incredible Holmesian intuitive leaps. He refuses to use a gun, but his fists are usually sufficient to get him out of close scrapes. He marries a former client, but she dies in childbirth. He is assisted by his secretary, Lucy Hamilton; his friend Timothy Rourke, a reporter for the Miami Daily News; and by his friend Will Gentry, the chief of detectives for the Miami P.D. Most of the cops on the force dislike him, however.

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