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Shadowers. The Shadowers were created by “David Fox,” the pseudonym of Isabel Ostrander (Billie, Timothy McCarty), and appeared in four story serials in All Story Weekly and Argosy All-Story Weekly from 1920 to 1923, beginning with “The Man Who Convicted Himself” (All Story Weekly, Apr. 3, 1920).

The Shadowers are six men and women, crooks all, who have stumbled upon an interesting way to make money. They distribute a circular to the upper crust of New York Society which read:

Should you find yourself in need of any discreet, strictly confidential investigation by a private corporation of gentlemen, not blackmailers or inefficient bunglers, send your visiting card to “The Shadowers, Inc.,” and an expert will call upon you at once. No divorce evidence or investigations of a scandalous or trivial nature will be undertaken. We have positively no connection with any so-called private detective agency, give no information to the press, permit no publicity, and never carry our results to the authorities unless expressly requested to do so by our clients. If you miss any documents, jewels or other valuables or great importance, if any one of your acquaintance is being subjected to blackmail, if your handwriting has been forged or you fear for the safety of some one near to you, communicate with us.

The Shadowers are Rex Powell, a defense attorney with “extensive experience of the criminal world;” Lucian Baynes, a small, neat man who is an expert in jewels, art, and smuggling; “Professor” George Roper, former carnie, stock swindler and fake medium; Clifford Nichols, hand-writing expert, forger and counterfeiter; Philip Howe, retired safecracker, locksmith, and strongarm expert; and Ethel Jepson, a young twenty-year-old shoplifter, liar, and the group’s pretty blonde secretary.

The Shadowers breaks as many laws as they can (for the most part nonviolently) in pursuit of helping their clients, who are invariably good people, usually young men wronged.

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