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The Shadow (II). The Shadow (II) was created by “Maxwell Grant,” the pseudonym of Walter B. Gibson (Avenger (II), Avenger (III), Norgil the Magician, Shadow (I)), and appeared in eighteen stories and story serials in Thriller from 1938 to 1940, beginning with “Enter the Shadow” (Thriller, Mar. 25, 1938).

The Shadow (II) is a Costumed Avenger. The Shadow (II) stories were originally Shadow (I) stories–“Enter the Shadow” had been “The Death Triangle” (The Shadow #40, Oct. 15, 1933)–but were rewritten and revised for publication in the English story paper Thriller. The Shadow (II)’s civilian identity was renamed “John Haverson” and his personality was slightly altered, but in almost all other ways he remained the Shadow (I). He is active in London and assists Joe Carton of Scotland Yard.

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