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Severn, Alan. Alan Severn was created by Arthur A. Nelson and appeared in “The Adventurers” (Adventure, Jan-Apr. 1915); the serial was published as Wings of Danger (1915).

Alan Severn is a young Englishman who travels to Rhodesia to make his fortune in gold. There he meets and falls in love with Norma Rolescroft, whose father disapproves of Alan. Alan is recruited by Cecil Rhodes to go to East Africa and defeat the schemes of a Belgian expedition into East Africa to claim territory. Alan, Norma, and friends go on this mission, accompanied by Ingulf, a muscular blond man with amnesia. Alan’s expedition meets up with the Belgian expedition, and they join forces. In a volcanic region the group discovers Valyria, a Lost Race kingdom populated by the descendants of Vikings and native women. Alan et al soon become involved in the political intrigues of the Valkyrians, and the Europeans and their machine guns help overthrow the cruel king. Ingulf then remembers that he is from Valykria and that he is the rightful king. Unfortunately, a local underground gas supply detonates and ruins much of the land, leaving nothing for either the British or the Belgians.

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