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Serrano, Big Nose. Big Nose Serrano was created by Anatole Feldman and appeared in twelve stories in Gangster Stories, Greater Gangster Stories, and Gang Magazine from 1930 to 1935, beginning with “Serrano of the Stockyards” (Gangster Stories, May 1930).

Big Nose Serrano is the larger-than-life “Robin Hood of Gangsters.” A Chicagoan, he began as the “Sheik of the Stockyards” and worked his way up to become the leader of the underworld and then Assemblyman of the Tenth Ward. Serrano is brawny, violent, and good with .45s, and he is firm in his standards about acceptable criminality and unacceptable criminality, and such things as fixing horse races and harming civilians are unacceptable. When confronted with such things, Serrano turns violent and wipes out his enemies, singing as he goes. Serrano is eventually forced to take on honest jobs once Prohibition ends, but that stops neither his violence nor his encountering criminals and crime. Serrano is possessed of the conviction that he is a superior poet. In his own words:

This is the song of Serrano, a crazy, fighting lout.

He's gonna give the works to Hogan and on his fanny throw him out.

And if Hogan don't like the song that I make

I'll give him a lead-poison belly-ache.

Oh, I love to hear the battle's roar.

I'm as good as a dozen men and more.

And if you think that I'm a liar

You surely will arouse my deadly fire.

Oh, Big Nose was put upon the spot.

He was in a jam that was very hot.

But so long as he had a rod and lead

He didn't figure on being dead.

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