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Señorita Scorpion. Señorita Scorpion was created by Les Savage, Jr. and appeared in seven stories and seven novels and short story collections from 1944 to the present, beginning with “Señorita Scorpion” (Action Stories, Spring, 1944).

Señorita Scorpion is a Costumed Avenger. Elegra Douglas is beautiful blonde who is as skilled a horseman as she is a shootist. However, her family land is under attack by ranchers and invading Montezuma cultists. So Douglas takes on the identity of a masked outlaw who the local Mexicans call “Señorita Scorpion.” As Señorita Scorpion Douglas robs banks and attacks those who invade her land, all while trying to find the Lost Santiago Mine. She is a devil with whip, knife, and her Army Model Colt, rides the palomino La Rubia, and is hunted by U.S. Marshall Tony Dexter, but she hides in the Rosillos mountains, which are too rough for him to find her in. The “tall slim roundness of her body was accentuated by her tight yellow blouse caught in a broad red sash and her clinging leggings of buckskin with bright flowers sewn down the seams.”

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