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Sejr, Alexander. Alexander Sejr was created by “Jørgen Rastholt,” the pseudonym of the Danish authors Erik B. Volmer Jensen (Arks Saga) and Else Faber, and appeared in Spænding: Alexander-Serien #1-211 (1943-1950).

In a replay of The Count of Monte Cristo, Ejler Mølsted is jailed for a crime he did not commit, and loses his property and his lover. Mølsted flees from Horsens State Prison and stumbles across Dr. Stefan Grange, a doctor with Superhuman skills. Grange performs plastic surgery to change Mølsted’s face, and trains him physically and mentally. Mølsted becomes “Alexander Sejr,” a Danish private detective, adventurer and vigilante with a number of similarities to Norman Conquest. As “Sejr” Mølsted avenges himself on those who wronged him and then goes on to have a variety of adventures.

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