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Seiichi Moriyama. Seiichi Moriyama was created by the Japanese creators Tasaka Tomotaka, Abe Yutaka, and Uchida Yomua and appeared in the film Chikyowa Mawaru (1928).

In the near future Seiichi Moriyama and Sankichi Fukuda are business rivals, rivals for the love of Kazuko Iijima, and plain don’t like each other much. But when an unnamed White Peril Caucasian country from the east launches an attack on Japan, Seiichi and Sankichi overcome their differences. The Caucasians, who may be American, send waves of bombers against Japan and raze Osaka with high explosive bombs, but the Japanese air defenses are able to destroy the Caucasian airships, and the Japanese tank corps invades the Caucasian homeland. Seiichi and Sankichi are among the bravest of the Japanese soldiers and stand out in the Japanese triumph over the Caucasian enemy.

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