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Secret Six. The Secret Six were created by Robert J. Hogan (Captain Combat, Greaseball Joe, G-8, Red Falcon, Smoke Wade, Wu Fang (III)) and appeared in The Secret Six #1-4 (1934-1935).

The Secret Six are Wanted Men. They are a group of six men who are pursued by the police for crimes that the six did not commit. Unbeknownst to the police, the Six are actually crime-fighters who wage war on the criminal underworld but whose enemies are more often strange and even supernatural beings. The Six are: King, a former pilot sent to the electric chair for a murder he never committed; Luga, King's servant and the man who led the other members of the Six to rescue King from the chair; the Doctor; the Key, the safecracker and burglar of the group; the Bishop; and Shakespeare, the intellect of the group. Besides their contacts in the underworld the Six are also assisted on occasion by a mute criminal known as the Dummy. The enemies of the Six are on the unusual and fantastic side, from a man whose size doubled every day to an enormous, intelligent, golden alligator living in the Everglades.

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