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Secret Agent X. Secret Agent X was created by “Brant House,” a pseudonym used by Paul Chadwick (Captain Hazzard, Terry Dennis, Wade Hammond), and appeared in Secret Agent X #1-41 (1934-1939).

Secret Agent X, whose real name is never revealed, is an operative for the American government. X’s handler is K-9, who is located in Washington and who X never sees and knows nothing of. X is an expert of disguise, to the point where his true face is known to only one person. X's mastery of concealment comes from his experiences in World War One. His disguises while on the job are always perfect, and he always chooses a deep cover assignment which requires significant amounts of disguise and impersonation. X’s funding comes from a special account in Washington, and X operates entirely on his own, although he occasionally receives suggestions from K-9.

X knows many languages, is an ace pilot, and is one of the world's best at cracking codes and ciphers. Although he is quite good in a fight and is deadly with his pair of automatics, he also has a number of objects by which he delivers anesthetic gas, from pens to guns to shoes. Likewise, his car is heavily armed. X does have two friends, the spunky journalist Betty Dale, who is his girlfriend, Woman Who Must Be Rescued, and the only person to see his real face, and the brutish Harvey Bates, who helps him on certain cases.

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