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Seabright, Salty. Salty Seabright was created by Mojave Lloyd and appeared in seven stories in Wild West Weekly from 1939 to 1941, beginning with “Owl-Hooters in High Valley” (Wild West Weekly, July 1, 1939).

Salty Seabright is

the wolf of the Big Grizzlies. A waif dug out of the wreckage of a wagon train as a boy, he had lifted himself by his own boot straps, hewn himself a little horse outfit high in the timber on White Crow Creek, and ranged the remote fastnesses of the Big Grizzlies running mustangs, a wild region he ruled by grim grit and powder smoke. Even the hired gun-slamming gentry that hung out in the tough town of Bright Angel turned their corners wide when Salty was in town.

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