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The Scientific Club. The Scientific Club was created by Ray Cummings (Melvin Cone, Dr. Feather, Martynn & Brett Gryce, Gregg Haljan, T. McGuirk, Roberts & Co., Tama, Tarrano, Tubby, Uncle Tubby, Vitos) and appeared in thirty stories and serials in a number of pulps from 1919 to 1938, beginning with “The Girl in the Golden Atom” (All-Story Weekly, Mar. 15, 1919).

The Scientific Club consists of six men, whose names are given in the stories but who are identified according to their profession: the Chemist, the Banker, the Alienist, the Astronomer, the Big Business Man, and the Very Young Man. The Science Club stories are about science and crime, and the six Club members use their knowledge of science and detection to find the malfeasor and bring her or him to justice. The science involved is not always greatly advanced, and sometimes is rather simple, but it is the simple application of ordinary science that allows the Club to bring criminals to justice.

Among their deeds: they make First Contact with the inhabitants of a sub-atomic world and eventually visit it; they help a man who was the victim of a blood transfusion that "mentally paralyzed" him; they make contact with another world which is "interpenetrating" ours; they help a man deal with his "pseudomemories;" and they look into the future.

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