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Scarth, Dumpy. Dumpy Scarth was created by Thomson Burtis (Brad AllenRolph Burnham, Rex Donovan, Slim Evans, Russ Farrell, Stormy Lake, Rex Lee, Yankee Flier) and appeared in four stories in Adventure and Short Stories from 1921 to 1927, beginning with “Dumpy Puts One Over” (Adventure, Mar. 18, 1921).

Lt. Robert “Dumpy” Scarth is an Air Service patrolman with the Laredo flight wing. He is a showoff and a hotshot flyer: “Dumpy firmly believed he was the best flyer in the world—and he came close to being that same thing.” He’s also unbearably conceited: “He is accustomed to steer any conversation to himself, and then to keep to the course.” He works with Slim Evans.

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