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Scant, Jerry. Jerry Scant was created by L.A. Knight and appeared in six novels from 1930 to 1946, beginning with Deadman’s Bay.

Jerry Scant is a “laughing, brown-eyed, merry rogue.” He lives in Pembrokeshire, on the southwestern coast of England. He is

known to the inhabitants of all the towns and villages, and to most of the magistrates. He was, not to put too fine a point on it, jack of all trades, legal and illegal, and master of them all. He could grind scissors, clip a horse or steal one with equal facility. He could fish, mend a net, poach a salmon and smuggle whisky with equal facility. He could tend a garden, steal a spade and sell it back to the owner, complete with new handle with delightful ease. He never had any money, but always sufficient to purchase a little beer, much tobacco, a pocket full of sweets for playing children, good strong boots and a flask of rum.

He is a good sort, though, and a loyal friend, and when evil men appear along the coast, or good men are in need of help, Jerry is there.

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