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Sawyer, Quincy Adams. Quincy Adams Sawyer was created by Charles Felton Pidgin and appeared in a number of stories and three novels and short story collections from 1900 to 1912, beginning with Quincy Adams Sawyer and Mason’s Corner Folks.

Quincy Adams Sawyer, Jr., is a Great Detective. He is the descendant of several generations of distinguished New Englanders: “his ancestors were tradesmen, merchants, lawyers, politicians, and Presidents. He, too, was proud of his honored ancestry.” Sawyer looks like a gentleman, and has “dark hair, dark eyes, and a small black mustache curled at the ends. His face was pallid, but there was a look of determination in the firmly set jaw, resolute mouth, and sharp eye. He wore a dark suit with a Prince Albert coat.”

Sawyer is a consulting detective. He is smart--much more so than those around him, including his best friend, the police Inspector Gates. Sawyer is well-traveled and well-educated--he is a Harvard graduate who studied widely. Sawyer is an expert on a number of different subjects. He is athletically fit, a good shot and a good boxer. He is a favorite in city society. And he has a quiet good humor and a sense of modesty.

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