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Sawyer, Buz. Buz Sawyer was created by Roy Crane (Captain Easy) and appeared in the comic strip “Buz Sawyer” (1943-1989).

Lt. John Singer "Buz" Sawyer is a pilot for the U.S. Navy; during World War Two he flies a fighter-bomber from the aircraft carrier Tippecanoe. Sawyer’s tailgunner is Rosco Sweeney, a tough, streetwise guy. Sawyer and Sweeney are in many respects opposites: Sawyer comes from a background of wealth and is handsome, clean-cut, and a hit with the ladies, while Sweeney is unshaven, ugly, potbellied, and clumsy around women. But they are good friends nonetheless. During the war the pair fight and kill great numbers of the Japanese and get involved in a number of operations across the Pacific, including one extended sequence in which they are marooned on an island, just the two of them, one bikini-clad native woman, and many Japanese troops.

* I'm including "Buz Sawyer" in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because of the strip's art. Roy Crane was a master, capable of doing faces and hands and people-in-action and complex scenery with equal ease. A Roy Crane panel was perfect as it was--not a line nor shadow nor color out of place or imperfect. As a narrative "Buz Sawyer" is perfectly ordinary, a meh tale of wartime propaganda. But as art "Buz Sawyer" can match any of the great comic strips of the 1930s and 1940s. 

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