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Savoy, Eddie. Eddie Savoy was created by Donald Barr Chidsey (Nick Fisher, Morton & McGarvey, Sergeant Fletcher Steel) and appeared in twelve stories in Argosy from 1936 to 1939, beginning with “Things Happen Fast” (Argosy, July 25 1936).

Eddie Savoy is a Lupin, albeit a hard-boiled one without the usual suavity of the breed. He is active around the U.S. and the Caribbean and is pursued by Nick Fisher. “Eddy was slippery as an eel, dangerous as a rattlesnake, a past master of the art of impersonation, and the most brilliant fugitive Nick ever had chased.” Savoy has stolen at least a half-million in jewelry from Fisher’s employer, which is why Fisher pursues him so relentlessly. Savoy respects Fisher and in one case tries to keep him from being tortured, and when Fisher saves Savoy’s life Savoy responds by returning some stolen gems.

Savoy is “small, with a small, shrewd monkey-like face, tiny blue eyes, a twitchy mouth.” He is good with his hands, a hard man, and has an impish charm. After being caught by Fisher Savoy reforms and teams up with Fisher to go after other criminals, in the United States and abroad.

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