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Savaran. Savaran was created by Douglas Newton (Dr. Dyn, Pandora Sway, Paul Toft) and appeared in thirty short stories and story serials and two novels and short story collections from 1931 to 1941, possibly beginning with “The Great Quest” (Chicago Sunday Tribune, Jan. 4, 1931).

Savaran is the “Robin Hood of Africa,” a wandering white man who styles himself a “tramp kingmaker” and travels around Africa overthrowing governments and putting in puppet kings that he can manipulate for his own ends. Often these ends are good ones, but as often they include enriching himself, for Savaran is as much swindler as a kingmaker, and he is wanted in many places for various crimes. Among other things Savaran encounters Quaker and Amazon Lost Races as well as monsters from prehistory. He is a “lath-lean,” “lank adventurer,” skilled, careful, and patient, with the “air of a stalking Lucifer.”

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