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Savage, Satan. Satan Savage was created by “James Lawson,” the pseudonym of James P. Olsen (Silver Buck, Sonora Smith), and appeared in six stories in Spicy Western Stories and Romantic Western from 1937 to 1944, beginning with “Satan Sits In” (Spicy Western Stories, Dec. 1937).

Satan Savage is a free-lance vigilante cowboy who is sent by the governor of an unnamed frontier state to settle troubles so that the Rangers won’t be needed. “He knew men as one who had ridden both sides of the line the law laid down. Whether he was on one side of the line, or the other, or straddling it in this instance, no one could tell.” Bad men don’t bother him much. Women, good or bad, do: “Satan Savage liked trouble–that was what he lived for. But he didn’t like she-bosses: hatchet-faced man-haters, the whole herd of ‘em, from his experience!” Savage has greenish eyes and a “thin, diabolical grin.”

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