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Sanders, Jack. Jack Sanders was created by the Australian author J.M. Walsh (Bromley Kay, Oliver Keene, Colonel Ormiston, Inspector Quaile, Inspector Storm, Timothy Terrel) and appeared in “Vandals of the Void” (Wonder Stories Quarterly, Summer 1931) and “The Struggle for Pallas” (Wonder Stories Quarterly, Fall 1931).

In the 21st or 22nd century, there is peace between Earth, Mars, and Venus, and the space lanes are patrolled by the ships of the Interplanetary Police. Captain Jack Sanders is one of their top agents, and while he is on vacation, traveling to Mars, he gets a call from headquarters. Something is freezing merchant ships while they are between planets. Sanders’ ship is one of them, but he eventually discovers that the attackers, who are invisible, are from the unexplored planet Mercury. War between Mercury and the other planets breaks out, but thanks to advanced Venusian science the attackers from Mercury are defeated. In the sequel Sanders goes to the asteroid Pallas and encounters intelligent, weapon-using monsters.

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