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Sánchez, Pedro. Pedro Sánchez was created by “Belisario,” the pseudonym of the Spanish author Valentín R. González, and appeared in El Crimen del Parque Güell (1935) and Niñas Desaparecidas (1935) and a number of stories in Misterio in the late 1930s.

Pedro Sánchez is a police inspector in Madrid, although his cases often take him to Barcelona. He is forty-five years old, muscular, with a kind face and lively manner, who dresses in the modern fashion and inspires confidences in those who deal with him. He is assisted by Luis Antón, a.k.a. “El Noy,” who Sánchez rescued from a Chinese barrio in Barcelona and who grew up to become a police officer. Sánchez and El Noy break up an international ring of thieves and then trace a white slavery ring back to China.

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