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Samsoel’bahri. Samsoel’bahri was created by the Indonesian author Marah Roesli and appeared in the story serial “Sitti Noerbaja” (1922; as a novel, 1922).

Samsoel’bahri is a young, attractive, light-skinned Indonesian aristocrat who has been friends since childhood with the lovely Sitti Noerbaja. Unfortunately, Noerbaja’s father has been reduced to utter poverty thanks to the wicked schemes of the nefarious businessman Minang Datoek. Datoek demands, as payment for the debt, Noerbaja’s hand in marriage, which her father agrees to give. The marriage is a nightmare for Noerbaja, and she tries to flee Padang for Batavia, only to be killed by the pendekar, the wicked silat warriors who are sworn to Datoek’s service.

Samsoel’bahri tries to kill himself when he discovers Noerbaja’s death, but he fails. Ten years later, after multiple failed suicide attempts, Samsoel’bahri is now “Letnan Mas,” a decorated member of the Dutch colonial forces. The forces come into conflict with a group of militant Muslim rebels, among whose number is Datoek. Samsoel’bahri kills Datoek and, happily, receives a fatal blow from him, allowing him to be reunited with Noerbaja.

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