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Sam-neung. Sam-neung was created by the Chinese creator Ren Pengnian (Black Peony, Flying Tiger, Fong Sai Yuk, Mistress of the Spear, Rural Swordsman, Yi Zhimei) and appeared in the film Yong Chung Sanniang (1941).

Sam-neung is a Nüxia/Wüxia. The father of Sam-neung was killed by two martial artists, the One-Armed Ape and the Flying Rat. Like any good Confucian daughter would, Sam-neung vows revenge. She masters the martial arts of the Yongchun School and then becomes a guard to perfect her skills. Eventually she oversees a martial arts contest, and as she hoped, she lures the Flying Rat to the contest, in which she kills him. She later tracks down One-Armed Ape in the Tyrant’s Roost, a mountain range controlled by the bandit Rattlesnake. Sam-neung pretends to marry Rattlesnake and then kills both Rattlesnake and One-Armed Ape.

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