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Sahib, Rama. Rama Sahib was created by the Italian author Fernando Bellini (Billy, Johnny & Harry, Peter Johnson, William King, Joe Milton, John Palmer, Phantom of the Skyscrapers) appeared in the Italian dime novel Rama Sahib, La Tigre della Jungla Nera #1-20 (1931).

Rama Sahib is an ousted Indian Maharajah known as the "Tiger of the Black Jungle" (“Black Jungle” of the Sandokan stories) who returns to India after long exile in Great Britain and defeats his usurper, Kanihami, and retakes his throne. He is assisted by his "big dog," Selim Kimy, and by a number of other useful and faithful followers, including Frantz, a muscular young Dutchman. Rama Sahib fights against Ti-Chang-Liu, a Yellow Peril Chinese opium den operator but mostly against various Thugs led by Rama's former ally Nagabehar, the high priest of Kali. 

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