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Sage, Malcolm. Malcolm Sage was created by Herbert Jenkins (Asaf Khan) and appeared in one novel and eighteen short stories from 1919 to 1928, beginning with John Dene of Toronto; seventeen of the stories were collected in Malcolm Sage, Detective (1921).

Before World War One Malcolm Sage was an accountant who had a knack for finding “little wangles” in the balance books he looked at. When the war broke out he tried to enlist in the Army but was rejected and instead went to work for the Ministry of Supply. He discovered a much larger “wangle” and was transferred to Department Z, the branch of Whitehall which handles espionage and secret service operations.

After the war ended Sage was demobilized and formed the Malcolm Sage Detective Bureau, which is staffed with some of Sage’s best workers from Dept. Z. Sage is serious, quiet, and can be haughty, and he will turn away customers if he has too much business. His secretary is Gladys Norman, who worked with Sage in Whitehall, and his main assistant is James Thompson. Sage has a “high-tech” office and makes use of phone lines, buzzers, and other such wonders of technology.

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