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Ryhmy & Romppainen. Ryhmy & Romppainen were created by the Finnish author Armas J. Pullan (Piukkanen & Kiho) and appeared in fourteen novels and three movies from 1940 to 1967, beginning with "Ja pöh!" sanoi sotamies Ryhmy.

Sergeant Major Kalle Ryhmy and Second Lieutenant Ville Romppainen are officers in the Finnish Army fighting against the Soviets during and after the 1939-1940 Winter War. Ryhmy & Romppainen are good soldiers, but they aren’t killers. What they are, is clever, and quick enough to knock an enemy’s gun from his hands, and those qualities are enough for them to bedevil, outwit, and defeat the Russians on numerous occasions. On one occasion they find a barge full of plate armor, which they dress in and use to defeat Russian bullets. Their archenemy is the Russian Commissar and Loving Enemy Natalia Vengrovska.

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