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Ryan, Casey. Casey Ryan was created by “Bertha Muzzy Bower,” the pseudonym of Bertha Sinclair-Cowan (Flying U Ranch, Andy Green), and appeared in Casey Ryan (1921) and Trail of the White Mule (1922).

From Denver to Spokane, from El Paso to Fort Benton, men talk of Casey Ryan and smile when they speak his name. Old men with the flat tone of coming senility in their voices will suck at their pipes and cackle reminiscently while they tell you of Casey's tumultuous youth--when he drove the six fastest horses in Colorado on the stage out from Cripple Creek, and whooped past would-be holdups with a grin of derision on his face and bullets whining after him and passengers praying disjointed prayers and clinging white-knuckled to the seats.

He has the typical set of cowboy adventures. In the sequel, he has more, not slowed by married life.

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