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Russell, Nan. Nan Russell was created by Raymond Lester and appeared in five stories in Argosy All-Story Weekly in 1920, beginning with “Beneath the Make-Up” (Argosy All-Story Weekly, Mar. 13, 1920).

Nan Russell is an operative of P&P Detective Agency, and although she begins as simple hourly help, infiltrating a gambling hall as a showgirl, she quickly becomes their best and most valued employee. Whether the criminals are rum-runners, blackmailers, or simple thieves and murderers, they are none of them clever and quick enough for Russell. She sees things clearly, is not moved by threats or bribes, and knows when to call in the police, when to break the law (and which laws to break), and when to brandish her automatic and use that to get what she wants.

Russell is a svelte young woman with large grey eyes. She is the target of Michael Paxton’s undying love and devotion, but she sees him only as a good friend and declines his unceasing proposals of marriage.

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